Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kelly & Chris: Married! (Part 1)

Kelly & Chris tied the knot just a few weeks ago in downtown Cary! It was a beautiful ceremony at First United Methodist, followed by a lovely reception at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center. Congratulations to the newlyweds! :) Thank you for trusting me to capture your special day.

Enjoy the pictures!

 photo IMG_7328web_zps2dbdc8bf.jpg
 photo IMG_7265web_zps5798fad5.jpg
 photo IMG_7208web_zpsa4ea0806.jpg
 photo IMG_7232web_zps88b13a0f.jpg
 photo IMG_7260web_zps4b8bdafd.jpg
 photo IMG_7285web_zps98a46ce3.jpg
 photo IMG_7243web_zps50f7c2a0.jpg
 photo IMG_7505web_zpsc017b6a2.jpg
 photo IMG_7456web_zpsaf2d3e37.jpg
 photo IMG_7871web_zps35b9d28f.jpg
 photo IMG_7944web_zps14f04072.jpg
 photo IMG_7642web_zpsf49c6d54.jpg
 photo IMG_8278web_zps83d500f1.jpg
 photo IMG_8292web_zpsf4fe4332.jpg
 photo IMG_8299web_zps867859b3.jpg
 photo IMG_8310web_zps8dec9254.jpg
 photo IMG_8355web_zpsb930b2e8.jpg
 photo IMG_8364web_zps36b78c1e.jpg
 photo IMG_8373web_zpsea6af1dc.jpg
 photo IMG_8675web_zpsa7baa60c.jpg
 photo IMG_8654web_zpse9a7c9ae.jpg
 photo IMG_8709web_zps35b9d28f.jpg
 photo IMG_8618web_zps4e566cf0.jpg
Come back soon for Part 2, including images from Kelly and Chris' reception!