Sunday, November 10, 2013

Laura Beth & Tyler: Married!

It's hard to put it into words how it felt to be with Laura Beth and Tyler throughout their wedding day and be able to serve as their photographer.

It's not everyday that you get to work with families as special as the Price's and Staton's. LB's sister, Julianna, is one of my best friends from college, so I feel like I've kind of watched LB grow up over the last ten (could that be right!?) years. What a joy to see first hand she and Tyler's love grow for one another! And then to witness this past Saturday not only the love that they share, but also the love that their families and closest friends have for them. It was incredible.

We began the day at the River Landing clubhouse on Saturday morning where the ladies spent time preparing for the day and having their hair and make-up done. Once the boys arrived around noon, we set off to a secluded covered bridge for Laura Beth and Tyler's "First Look." After family and bridal party pictures, we headed to the church for the sweetest ceremony ending in "Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Staton!" Then it was back to River Landing to celebrate and dance the night away!

Thank you, LB and Tyler, for trusting me to be your photographer! I hope these images remind you for many years to come of the love and happiness that we all felt on November 2nd!

 photo IMG_7829web_zps645b04d5.jpg
 photo IMG_7845web_zps6c5642c6.jpg
 photo IMG_7881web_zpsc7662ba6.jpg
 photo IMG_7804web_zpsbc369792.jpg
 photo IMG_8004web_zps42044da5.jpg
 photo IMG_7889web_zpsd6b5e7be.jpg
 photo IMG_7994web_zps5c1f0a41.jpg
 photo IMG_8026web_zps88e1e861.jpg
 photo IMG_8095web_zpsc618c8aa.jpg
 photo IMG_8092web_zps575c5736.jpg
 photo IMG_8059web_zps6dc69850.jpg
 photo IMG_8246web_zps183fa5c0.jpg
 photo IMG_8252web_zpsc02a125b.jpg
 photo IMG_8268web_zps6e83158a.jpg
 photo IMG_8300web_zps0d4a9e49.jpg
 photo IMG_8314web_zpsa942cc0c.jpg
 photo IMG_8174web_zps77f32f5a.jpg
 photo IMG_8364web_zps3082083e.jpg
 photo IMG_8372web_zps42ed95b3.jpg
 photo IMG_8384web_zps873ae917.jpg
 photo IMG_8388web_zps2c75984a.jpg
 photo IMG_8401web_zps3ff0ecc7.jpg
 photo IMG_8410web_zps56326417.jpg
 photo IMG_8412web_zps4cacd185.jpg
 photo IMG_8418web_zps9c2a71c8.jpg
 photo IMG_8456web_zps90f6d955.jpg
 photo IMG_8556web_zps1dc8c7f9.jpg
 photo IMG_8511web_zpsf859a7d2.jpg
 photo IMG_8605web_zps0ab3b89c.jpg
 photo IMG_8661web_zps168223c3.jpg
 photo IMG_8821web_zps67d0da7c.jpg
 photo IMG_9100web_zps8f5028a8.jpg
 photo IMG_9831web_zpsb1f8b986.jpg
 photo IMG_0153web_zpsaf17df64.jpg
 photo IMG_0165web_zps92cbcfed.jpg
 photo IMG_0187web_zpsfa7a1c37.jpg
 photo IMG_0197web_zpsa5c4f391.jpg
 photo IMG_0203web_zpsf734d7af.jpg
 photo IMG_0225web_zps5c62e5ba.jpg
 photo IMG_0249web_zps9db65548.jpg
 photo IMG_0270web_zps4568d31f.jpg
 photo IMG_0287web_zps8f3618d8.jpg
 photo IMG_0594web_zpseebdc766.jpg
 photo IMG_0588web_zpsb4f4ac69.jpg
 photo IMG_0614web_zps0337f2c4.jpg
 photo IMG_0596web_zps540aec3c.jpg
 photo IMG_0693web_zpsa7ea11a6.jpg
 photo IMG_0720web_zps1150e6ea.jpg
 photo IMG_0703web_zps43139991.jpg
 photo IMG_0784web_zps99b2ae4d.jpg
 photo IMG_0788web_zps8c728c5f.jpg
 photo IMG_0806web_zps15827585.jpg
 photo IMG_0812web_zps1ca960a8.jpg
 photo IMG_0830web_zps9015833f.jpg
 photo IMG_0843web_zps5c7ed565.jpg
 photo IMG_1370web_zpsa5436501.jpg
 photo IMG_1417web_zpscf5a355e.jpg
 photo IMG_1050web_zps80042ee3.jpg
 photo IMG_1061web_zps68124373.jpg
 photo IMG_1062web_zps3b2382ac.jpg
 photo IMG_1069web_zps1a7ba56a.jpg
 photo IMG_1383web_zps99adcab5.jpg
 photo IMG_1411web_zps754dafe9.jpg
 photo IMG_1472web_zps43d39456.jpg
 photo IMG_1473web_zps6f55f96a.jpg
 photo IMG_1477web_zps7640098d.jpg
 photo IMG_1497web_zps107bcca1.jpg
 photo IMG_1514web_zps6fd74c60.jpg
 photo IMG_1515web_zps87014c75.jpg
 photo IMG_1691web_zps06f582b3.jpg
 photo IMG_1711web_zpsec0aed6e.jpg
 photo IMG_1706web_zpsab2917fe.jpg
 photo IMG_1751web_zps4d6cd15d.jpg

Also, thank you to Carl of Hoverstad Photography for shooting alongside me at this wedding!

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Dee said...

Great job, Katherine! These are awesome! Can't wait to see all of was such a special day!