Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cory & Christian: Married!

What a true blessing it was to play a part in Cory & Christian's special day just a few weeks ago! From the time I met this couple, I knew that their wedding day would be well thought out and intentional. And that it was. From the hymns sung during the ceremony, to the congregational photo that followed, to the reception held at Cory's parents' farm...all of it came together with great purpose and great joy!

Cory & Christian: Thank you for trusting me to be your wedding photographer. I hope these images are a great reminder for both of you of the purpose and joy that we all felt that day. Enjoy! :)

 photo IMG_9392web_zps3f3b0494.jpg
 photo IMG_9373web_zps0dc6d079.jpg
 photo IMG_9386web_zps07140d56.jpg
 photo IMG_9355web_zps8c0a5a47.jpg
 photo IMG_9356web_zps8156476e.jpg
 photo IMG_9462web_zps4eba4579.jpg
 photo IMG_9481web_zps99508095.jpg
 photo IMG_9645web_zps90027815.jpg
 photo IMG_9707web_zpsd6108a13.jpg
 photo IMG_0474web_zps4293752c.jpg
 photo IMG_0490web_zps6ecfe56b.jpg
 photo IMG_0500web_zps315d9088.jpg
 photo IMG_0531web_zps8ae0fc7a.jpg
 photo IMG_0611web_zps5b5d3199.jpg
 photo IMG_0651web_zps783c5e38.jpg
 photo IMG_0730web_zps7122e05a.jpg
 photo IMG_1171web_zps3cab4780.jpg
 photo IMG_1032edit_zps6319fb28.jpg
 photo IMG_1292web_zpse9c223c3.jpg
 photo IMG_1319web_zps95418ac6.jpg
 photo IMG_1366web_zps9598bb58.jpg
 photo IMG_1475web_zps8b72c4c5.jpg
 photo IMG_1487web_zps4a58704d.jpg
 photo IMG_1791web_zpsdee683fe.jpg
 photo IMG_1754web_zpsfc271bd2.jpg
 photo IMG_1820web_zps52df4df9.jpg
 photo IMG_1656web_zps716d5369.jpg
 photo IMG_1851web_zpsc7316d97.jpg
 photo IMG_2087web_zps82a75b0a.jpg

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