Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Shaw Family: Cameron Indoor

With CT being a huge Duke fan, we decided to do their family session on campus, and snap a few shots inside of Cameron Indoor Stadium! It was awesome. It POURED rain while we were inside, but came to a stop in time for us to do some outdoor shots as well. The campus is gorgeous, and provides many different backgrounds, as you'll see. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_2880web_zps7cc400c2.jpg
 photo IMG_2764bampwweb_zps616171ee.jpg
 photo IMG_2821web_zpsb61612d1.jpg
 photo IMG_2780web_zps1fb7a0df.jpg
 photo IMG_2893bampwweb_zpseade2117.jpg
 photo IMG_3010web_zps3a8ef84e.jpg
 photo IMG_3092web_zpse37b12d9.jpg
 photo IMG_3225bampwweb_zpsd8088461.jpg
 photo IMG_3140web_zps925fdc81.jpg
 photo IMG_3217web_zpsaafe672a.jpg

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