Sunday, June 2, 2013

Patricia & Nate: Shady Wagon Farm (Part 2)

Patricia & Nate's wedding day continued with a gorgeous outdoor ceremony by the lake, and a lovely dinner and dancing reception in the barn!

 photo IMG_9483web_zpsaec3cb37.jpg
 photo IMG_9708web_zps958273e9.jpg
 photo IMG_9696web_zps54629eee.jpg
 photo IMG_9720web_zpsf20f1834.jpg
 photo IMG_9764web_zps8fd0614b.jpg
 photo IMG_9802web_zps5b265832.jpg
 photo IMG_9827web_zpsf1c8385c.jpg
 photo IMG_9850bampwweb_zpsf5269119.jpg
 photo IMG_9857web_zps25e3a7a5.jpg
 photo IMG_0287web_zpsca6efbb7.jpg
 photo IMG_0415web_zps0e6ff45c.jpg
 photo IMG_8353web_zpsd8b8facf.jpg
 photo IMG_8356web-1_zps61cf5e4b.jpg
 photo IMG_0567web_zps09396a5e.jpg
 photo IMG_0570web_zps114c5536.jpg
 photo IMG_0628web_zpsc6d2b5dc.jpg
 photo IMG_0757web_zpsb04560aa.jpg
 photo IMG_0765web_zpsb70d4baa.jpg
 photo IMG_0777web_zpsdb4a20aa.jpg
 photo IMG_0801web_zps7a57828b.jpg
 photo IMG_1036bampwweb_zpsa9bd1d77.jpg
 photo IMG_0934web_zpse39d3e19.jpg
 photo IMG_0940web-1_zps1c997535.jpg
 photo IMG_1263bampwweb_zpscc6c9ff7.jpg
 photo IMG_1272web_zps1782f31f.jpg

I wish all the best to you two as you begin your life together! Thank you for trusting me to capture your special day. :)

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