Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Patricia & Nate: Shady Wagon Farm (Part 1)

Each time I'm privileged to photograph a wedding, I'm reminded of the bigger picture. Being a detailed person, always concerned about the next thing that I can check off, a fault is that I'm not often taking a step back to take it all in. All that's happening around me. But wedding days are different. What a precious chance to realize that this day is special and so important, but also to think that this couple has committed their lives to each other, to love each other forever no matter what. Talk about a bigger picture.

Patricia and Nate's day was perfect. Who doesn't want to get married on a gorgeous farm with amazing Spring weather? We thanked God for the sun that day, and the rain the day before that washed so much of the pollen away. If you're in NC, you know the weather has been a bit crazy this Spring (if you can even call it that), so we weren't taking it for granted that we even felt hot at times!

This couple began dating back in their high school days at Sanderson, stayed together as Nate attended NC State and Patricia at UNC-Greensboro, graduated, and decided it was time to get married! :) Well, there's probably a bit more to that, but I'm providing the short story.

April 13, 2013 will be a day to remember forever for these sweet friends.

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Come back soon to see Patricia walk down the aisle to meet her husband Nate, as well as many images from the incredible reception inside the barn!

Congratulations, Patricia & Nate!!!