Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suzanne & Daniel: Maternity

Before Davis' arrival into the Price family, we met over at Yates Mill Park for a maternity session together. I'm so excited for Suzanne and Daniel as they have already begun life with this little one! He'll be making his official debut on the blog very soon when I get a chance to share some images from his newborn session just a couple of weeks ago.

 photo IMG_4110web_zpsed45fa77.jpg
 photo IMG_4155bampwweb_zps687e9e83.jpg
 photo IMG_4226web_zps642196b5.jpg
 photo IMG_4288web_zpsc6df4c2e.jpg
 photo IMG_4260web_zpsadf06133.jpg
 photo IMG_4490web_zpsc4577ec2.jpg
 photo IMG_4407web_zpsefd57f93.jpg
 photo IMG_4492web_zps1e521849.jpg

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Patricia: Bridals

I'm so happy to be able to share with you some of Patricia's bridal portraits! She and Nate tied the knot this past weekend on a gorgeous Saturday out at Shady Wagon Farm. You'll hear more about them, and get to see pictures from their special day soon here on the blog! But until then...enjoy these portraits of a beautiful bride, inside and out!

 photo IMG_4993web_zpscab04abe.jpg
 photo IMG_5140web_zpscd199c3b.jpg
 photo IMG_5192web_zpsa9c55cd4.jpg
 photo IMG_5273web_zps0158a109.jpg
 photo IMG_5316web_zps218ded9f.jpg
 photo IMG_5363web_zpsc67b975b.jpg
 photo IMG_5527web_zps8647c8f8.jpg
 photo IMG_5549web_zps8c4762da.jpg
 photo IMG_5571web_zpsade6db90.jpg

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getaway Girls 2013

After having a great group of friends during my years at NC State, we quickly figured out that spending time together takes a bit more intentionality post-college. It's do-able, but it's harder. So there lies the idea behind the Getaway Girls. We've decided to try to block off one weekend a year to commit to all being together!

Our first year (2012) was spent in West Jefferson, NC. We stayed in a mountain house in that area, enjoyed time with each other, went snow tubing (in 70 degree weather), had a bonfire, ate out a lot, ate in a lot, and planned through what these weekends could really end up being in the future! :) 

This year, we gathered at a lake house off of Lake Tillery near Albemarle, NC. I wanted to highlight some of the main events from the weekend, so that we'll never forget. Who knows...maybe 40 years from now we're all grandmas gathering for Getaway Girls 2053...and I bet we'll have forgotten all of the ridiculous things we did in our younger days. :) So here's to remembering. 

 photo IMG_5613web-1_zps878e1c9f.jpg
 photo IMG_5617web_zpscee7f32b.jpg

-Elizabeth, Bonnie, and I arrived late Thursday night to the house. After freaking out that we couldn't find the remote to turn off the house alarm, we somehow ended up okay without the cops showing up. 

-On Friday, the 3 of us slept in, relaxed, read, etc. until Jill & Amy arrived early afternoon, and we all watched NC State lose in the NCAA tournament. (No surprise)

 photo IMG_5610web_zps8d074a0c.jpg

-Friday evening, everyone else joined us. Catherine, Brittany, Quinn, Jess, and Jules rode up together, and Leah and Melissa weren't far behind! 

 photo IMG_5630web_zpsb142c8e6.jpg

-We began the weekend with some Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Corn and Beans from Granny's garden, and roasted red potatoes. Yum. 

 photo IMG_5632web_zps7cfdc8e2.jpg

-We carefully got everyone connected to the wireless. The code was about 62 characters long. Jill's Juke just wasn't feeling it. I think Quinn was the first to connect. Props. 

 photo IMG_5636web_zps3a3b7c88.jpg

-Then Elizabeth & Jill made a homemade apple pie. We anxiously waited. On the kitchen floor?

 photo IMG_5645web_zps64af12b2.jpg

-And then we ate it on the kitchen floor. I protested, but then I gave in. I still feel weird about it. And some people forgot that it had just come out of the oven. Sorry you couldn't taste anything for the reminder of the weekend, Britt...

 photo IMG_5650web_zps009c3e1d.jpg
 photo IMG_5656web_zpsdd2df647.jpg
 photo IMG_5679web_zps2466fc78.jpg

-The next morning, Elizabeth & Jules cooked an amazing breakfast. Breakfast casserole, cheese grits, HOMEMADE DOUGHNUTS!? Yep. It happened. 

 photo IMG_5711web_zps4f432f75.jpg
 photo IMG_5715web_zps71f633c7.jpg

-After breakfast, we took an adventure. A little walk by the river looking for a fallen tree that would help us cross over to the other side. We found one, but it was completely submerged in the water. No worries - Jess & Elizabeth went back for the canoe and took us over 2 by 2. Except for the last group...we went for the challenge for more people in the canoe. No pictures by the official camera, but you can find many through Instagram!

-For lunch we went into town to a local Mexican Restaurant. And our friend Katherine, who just 'wasn't going to be able to make it' this year (she's currently traveling the US working for ChickFilA), SHOWED UP at the restaurant and surprised us! 

 photo IMG_5730web_zpsa371b844.jpg

-When we got back to the house, we had our annual picture taking festivities. With our shirts. Thanks to Catherine for organizing and ordering, and to Kelsey for designing! We love them! 

 photo IMG_5743web_zpsc2e88026.jpg
 photo IMG_5795web_zps09d06c17.jpg

-For the afternoon, we all just hung out. A few games of Bananagrams, lots of sitting and catching up, some cooking by Amy and Bon, and some "echo songs" (??????) performed by Jcat & B. 

 photo IMG_5817web_zpse80645eb.jpg
 photo IMG_5822web_zpsd8ced4ad.jpg
 photo IMG_5828web_zpsb98e5131.jpg

-For dinner, Amy and Bon made baked chicken and this to-die-for homemade mac & cheese. Unbelievable. 

 photo IMG_5847web_zps06e60914.jpg

Unfortunately, that's where the pictures end. Obviously no one remembered to pick it up and snap some shots for the remainder of the weekend, but some key events were: 

-Bonfire by the lake + singing + spontaneous game of 'Big Booty' 

-Another lovely breakfast, this time prepped by Melissa & Leah, including monkey bread & bacon. 

-A perfect lunch buffet provided by Q & Jcat to help close out the weekend! Including deli meat from the deli (way better than deli meat in the package), Jcat's famous pasta salad, chips, etc. 

-After some cleaning up, many hugs, and goodbyes, we were all back on the road headed home! 

Major shout outs to the following for setting the bar high for future attendance! :) 

-->B.White for coming back from Africa/India in time for the weekend. 
-->Jill for flying in from Oklahoma!
-->K.Hup for flying in from Texas to surprise us!

Loved every minute of being with you girls. Can't wait til next year.