Friday, February 15, 2013

Things to Remember.

Well, my nephew Banks is nearly 4 months old already! Growing like a weed. Sweet little thing.

We took some pictures a couple of weeks ago, and here are some things that I want to remember about this phase of his life.

1. Oh, that smile. Banks is a pretty serious baby. He's satisfied to sit and watch everything that happens around him. But that smile gets you every time.

 photo IMG_2637web_zpsa579d12b.jpg
 photo IMG_2648bampwweb_zpsd1f03a06.jpg
2. His hands! Banks LOVES his hands. And nearly anytime he's awake, he is holding them together. Don't ever want to forget it.

 photo IMG_2655web_zps7effd2c3.jpg
 photo IMG_2944web_zps90cd7257.jpg
3. All that hair...that used to be there! Banks was born with a head full of dark hair that has gradually fallen out. You've got to love the kind of bald, a little bit of a mullet look that he's got going on.

 photo IMG_2948bampwweb_zps49768aaf.jpg
 photo IMG_2689web_zpsbd1e7d94.jpg
4. The pouty face! It's really unbelievable. This is what happens when Banks is not happy.

 photo IMG_2972web_zps6296792e.jpg
5. He is loved! And has the best parents.

 photo IMG_2853web-1_zps06cea043.jpg
Until next time...

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