Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jack Carson's Arrival

The story begins a few months back when Caitlin asked me if I would ever be interested in photographing a birth. Umm...yes? I think so? Yeah, that would actually probably be a really amazing experience. As I continued to think on it and make preparations in case I needed to be up and out of my classroom in a heartbeat, I got really excited about the chance to do this.

This being my first experience with birth photography, there were a lot of unknowns as to how it works or how it should work, expectations, etc. But Caitlin was so laid back about the whole thing. "We just want pictures. That's all." Good news. I take pictures.

Dead asleep in my bed early this morning, I woke up to the 'you have a voicemail' sound on my phone. After a mini-freak-out moment wondering how long that voicemail had been there, Carson was on the other side of the phone letting me know that he had just called a minute before that. They had just gotten to the hospital, and it was time!

 photo IMG_3691web_zps2fb3e2d6.jpg
Soon after I arrived, Caitlin received an epidural, and labor moved along pretty quickly from there. I did get to spend a few minutes with them as they prepared for the birth of their baby. The really exciting part was that they had decided not to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. They were in for an amazing surprise.

 photo IMG_3583bampwweb_zpse7cc83dc.jpg
 photo IMG_3581web_zps40e5d581.jpg
 photo IMG_3585bampwweb_zps0e5e9deb.jpg
As the time got closer, the Nelson's and the Guy's all began showing up in the lobby! That place was filled with anticipation.

 photo IMG_3693web_zpsbd4d24ae.jpg
I'm sure Caitlin would love to tell you the whole birth story, but here's the summary. She pushed a few times, and out HE came! :)

IT'S A BOY!!! Meet Jack Carson Guy.

 photo IMG_3606bampwweb_zps1d6f2e51.jpg
 photo IMG_3612bampwweb_zpsd12e305b.jpg
 photo IMG_3621bampwweb_zps3e977776.jpg
7lbs. 12ozs.

 photo IMG_3667web-1_zps4b037b06.jpg
20.5 inches long.

 photo IMG_3707bampwweb_zps0865a7d6.jpg
A sweet phone call to those in the lobby anxiously awaiting the news!

 photo IMG_3678web_zps648f94fa.jpg
Precious time with brand new baby Jack.

 photo IMG_3688web_zps44e8f39f.jpg
 photo IMG_3721web_zpsada2cc03.jpg
 photo IMG_3744bampwweb_zps6ed4d35f.jpg
 photo IMG_3754web_zps9adf60c2.jpg
 photo IMG_3788web_zpsc4d50f64.jpg
Once they cleaned him all up and took all of his measurements, the Guy family was off to their own room...

 photo IMG_3782bampwweb_zps6d8b192f.jpg
 photo IMG_3785web_zps97f6834c.jpg
...which also meant it was time for family to come visit and meet Jack!

 photo IMG_3798web-1_zpsa5a7b607.jpg
 photo IMG_3814bampwweb_zpsdd5511c3.jpg
 photo IMG_3828web_zpsb522ef5d.jpg
And we'll wrap things up with a kiss from the big sister!

 photo IMG_3840web_zps479d7c4e.jpg
Caitlin & Carson, I'll never be able to thank you enough for trusting me to be there to capture this amazing day for your family. It was a sweet, sweet blessing for me, and I hope these pictures will serve as a means to remember these special moments for many years to come. Congratulations!


Marie Thum said...

Kathy - such a great job of capturing this incredibly special moment! You're the best.

Bec said...

Great pictures! We felt like we were there. :) Thanks Katherine for taking and posting them!

Katie said...

Got teared up looking at these! What a precious gift! They're wonderful!