Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Wachtel Family

Airlie visited the blog last July after my visit out to Oklahoma to see the Wachtel family. Six months later, while Seth & Jill were home visiting family over the holidays, we decided to head to downtown Wilmington for a family session.

It was COLD! And being down by the river probably didn't help the fact that the wind was blowing a good amount as well. But we made it through! We included a pitstop back at the car about halfway through the session to turn the heat on high and warm up before going back out for a few more pictures. I think everyone was pleased, ha! :) Enjoy!

 photo IMG_1885bampwweb_zps12ee0542.jpg
 photo IMG_1886web_zps2371ff77.jpg
 photo IMG_1963web_zpsfa9efa14.jpg
 photo IMG_1951bampwweb_zpsa6e42bff.jpg
 photo IMG_1976web_zpsf33b0416.jpg
 photo IMG_2007web_zps9efbbf82.jpg
 photo IMG_2092web_zpseb98f201.jpg
 photo IMG_2042web_zpsa1c0aa3a.jpg
 photo IMG_2115web_zps9d9fce13.jpg

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Pam said...

Oh how I love this family! Wonderful job capturing them once again Katherine!!