Saturday, January 19, 2013

Felicity & Noel: 4 Months

These girls are growing! You probably remember them as teeny tiny sweet little things during their newborn session back in August. But they're growing up!

We had a blast trying to get some Christmas pictures of the girls during this session. Brittany purchased these amazing hats for them to wear. They were PRECIOUS in them.

Enjoy! :)

 photo IMG_1229web_zps3af99824.jpg
 photo IMG_1222web_zpsa6f9a374.jpg
 photo IMG_1187web_zps03ebc46c.jpg
 photo IMG_1162web_zps19585291.jpg
 photo IMG_1114web_zps1dbc6c58.jpg
 photo IMG_1271web_zps9cefce50.jpg
 photo IMG_1288bampwweb_zps48ec8256.jpg
 photo IMG_1258bampwweb_zpsda087568.jpg
 photo IMG_1302bampwweb_zpsa48ff467.jpg

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