Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweet Lillian

Connected by a friend and previous photography client, I had the privilege of meeting Stephen & Kristina and their precious baby Lillian just a couple of weeks ago. 

We held the session at their home, grabbing some sweet, sweet images of their little girl, and capturing some of their everyday moments as they begin to walk through life together. 

 photo IMG_2287web_zps4031ce12.jpg
 photo IMG_2273web_zpsec674cbc.jpg
 photo IMG_2485bampwweb_zpsbc39485a.jpg
 photo IMG_2503web-1_zpsbc8c66d5.jpg
 photo IMG_2454web_zps177e34dd.jpg
 photo IMG_2409web_zps05f1ba91.jpg
 photo IMG_2440web_zps7c996c29.jpg
 photo IMG_2510bampwweb_zps0c33830e.jpg
 photo IMG_2255web_zpsfdddbc89.jpg
 photo IMG_2518bampwweb_zps5d66dd52.jpg

The Wachtel Family

Airlie visited the blog last July after my visit out to Oklahoma to see the Wachtel family. Six months later, while Seth & Jill were home visiting family over the holidays, we decided to head to downtown Wilmington for a family session.

It was COLD! And being down by the river probably didn't help the fact that the wind was blowing a good amount as well. But we made it through! We included a pitstop back at the car about halfway through the session to turn the heat on high and warm up before going back out for a few more pictures. I think everyone was pleased, ha! :) Enjoy!

 photo IMG_1885bampwweb_zps12ee0542.jpg
 photo IMG_1886web_zps2371ff77.jpg
 photo IMG_1963web_zpsfa9efa14.jpg
 photo IMG_1951bampwweb_zpsa6e42bff.jpg
 photo IMG_1976web_zpsf33b0416.jpg
 photo IMG_2007web_zps9efbbf82.jpg
 photo IMG_2092web_zpseb98f201.jpg
 photo IMG_2042web_zpsa1c0aa3a.jpg
 photo IMG_2115web_zps9d9fce13.jpg

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Felicity & Noel: 4 Months

These girls are growing! You probably remember them as teeny tiny sweet little things during their newborn session back in August. But they're growing up!

We had a blast trying to get some Christmas pictures of the girls during this session. Brittany purchased these amazing hats for them to wear. They were PRECIOUS in them.

Enjoy! :)

 photo IMG_1229web_zps3af99824.jpg
 photo IMG_1222web_zpsa6f9a374.jpg
 photo IMG_1187web_zps03ebc46c.jpg
 photo IMG_1162web_zps19585291.jpg
 photo IMG_1114web_zps1dbc6c58.jpg
 photo IMG_1271web_zps9cefce50.jpg
 photo IMG_1288bampwweb_zps48ec8256.jpg
 photo IMG_1258bampwweb_zpsda087568.jpg
 photo IMG_1302bampwweb_zpsa48ff467.jpg

The Efird/Cumbie Families

Over Thanksgiving, while I was home in Wilmington, I had a few different sessions around town. About a year and a half ago, I was able to meet the Cumbie Family down at Wrightsville Beach for a fun family session. But this year, our session included all of Sarah's family. Her parents and her brother's family came to join us!

We had a fun time getting pictures of all of the grandchildren together, and with their proud grandparents as well! :) Enjoy!

 photo IMG_0594web_zps5ed8a728.jpg
 photo IMG_0675web_zpscea1a2b6.jpg
 photo IMG_0679web_zpsafc5c8b4.jpg
 photo IMG_0706web_zps539f1eb4.jpg
 photo IMG_0765web_zps9ddf12bd.jpg
 photo IMG_0832web_zpsb5a7b937.jpg
 photo IMG_0885web-1_zps9d478be1.jpg
 photo IMG_0926web_zps540a89a6.jpg

Maranda: Senior Session

When I get the chance to take pictures of seniors, I never really know what to expect. All of the memories of my last year of high school flood my brain, filled with emotions, and excitement of what was to come after graduation. But there are also emotions of anxiety and nervousness that take over at times...wondering what the adjustment of living away from home will really be like.

So at the beginning of each session, I always try to get a feel for what kind of emotions are flying around this particular senior in high school. Meet Maranda. She's incredible. Her subtle confidence and love for life really shined through as we got to know each other. Her excitement for the next stage of life was evident. And I just loved how she wasn't scared to be herself. This session really motivated me to jump on more senior sessions when I have the chance. I loved every minute of it.

Thanks, Maranda, for trusting me to capture you!

 photo IMG_0952web_zps21ac7caf.jpg
 photo IMG_0946web_zps4bba9741.jpg
 photo IMG_0976web_zps881d1558.jpg
 photo IMG_0987web_zps6f92b29e.jpg
 photo IMG_1008web_zps38bf499d.jpg
 photo IMG_1055bampwweb_zpsf27a66e8.jpg
 photo IMG_1035web_zps0f525a15.jpg
 photo IMG_1079bampwweb_zps0c843c4b.jpg

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brady: Newborn

My friend Cindy, who comes along with me to many weddings as an assistant and second shooter, recently welcomed a little nephew in her family! We found a Saturday, soon after Brady entered the world, to travel over to Charlotte for the day for a session with her sister, husband, and new baby!

Amy had many ideas, props, and poses that she had thought about prior to the session, and I think they turned out great! Although Brady was awake for most of the session, we did take advantage of his 10 minute nap near the end. I guess he was tired of us moving him around so much. :) Enjoy!