Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Williams Family: Pullen Park

Am I the only one who hadn't been to Pullen Park since it's renovations until about a month ago!? That place is amazing! I had heard such great things about it, but just hadn't made the time to venture over there to explore the new place. Thankfully, Allison was thinking it would be the perfect place for Sawyer's 2-year session - which allowed for me to experience it alongside their sweet family.

Sawyer LOVED the train. Every time he heard the train whistle, he stopped dead in his tracks, and gave the most precious wide-open mouth face ever. You'll see it a few times in the pictures. :) We even got to ride the train. And the carousel (a little scary!). And the swings. We were all over that place. 

Make sure to look back at his 18-mo. pictures that we did at Fletcher Park back in January - he's grown so much since then! And I'll leave you hanging with the fact that he was a ring-bearer in the most recent wedding that I shot last weekend. I can't even describe the cuteness, but he'll be hitting the blog again soon! :) 

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