Saturday, July 21, 2012

Harper: 12 months!

I just can't believe that this little guy is ONE! I've been taking pictures of Harper from the time he was in the womb, all the way through his first precious year of life. We did this past session over at Hugh MacRae Park in Wilmington. It was 127 degrees outside (maybe exaggerating a little??) and it was only 9am! Harper loved the ducks and would have gone straight into the lake if it wasn't for his Mama keeping him dry. :) We probably all would have gone straight into the lake if we weren't there to do pictures!

Kelly & Will - Thanks for braving the heat in order to capture some sweet moments of Harper for his 12 month shots. I've loved being able to see each little stage of his life over the past year!

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Pam said...

He's so curious and precious!! Wonderful photos!