Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ben & Brittany: Maternity

Ben and Brittany are currently collecting two of everything! They are patiently waiting for their TWIN DAUGHTERS to enter the world. With the babies due to arrive sometime in late August or early September, the soon-to-be parents sure are working hard to have everything in place and ready! Double trouble on the way? Probably so! :) But, oh so much joy, so many smiles, so many laughs to come alongside that double trouble to bless their lives. I simply cannot wait to meet them.

We had some fun over at Duke Gardens a few weeks ago to capture Brittany's pregnancy, and also let Noel Joy & Felicity Hope get used to being in front of the camera. :) I'm so looking forward to being with them several times over the course of the first year of craziness! I'm sure we'll have plenty of sweetness and cuteness to love!

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