Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sarah & Ellis: Part 1

There's just something about weddings. The love, the joy, the togetherness. And it seemed that Sarah and Ellis' day was filled with all of those emotions, and more. As a photographer, I cherish the opportunity to watch wedding days unfold. To watch the bride's family and best friends surround her and love her and prepare her to walk down that aisle. And to see the groom, ready as ever, to receive his bride.

You'll see that much thought and purpose had been put into the preparations for this day. I just loved the details that they chose to include. From Ellis carrying his grandfather's pocketknife and grandmother's broach, to Sarah's grandmother's wedding rings as part of her bouquet and her grandfather's sixpence on her shoe, it just became obvious that these two really care. They care about where they've come from and how they've been raised. They care about how to live and how to love. And they care about each other. This sense of compassion was truly felt throughout the entire day.

The wedding day seems to come together moment by moment. Moments that I get to capture and bring to a stand still. And my hope for you - Sarah and Ellis - is that these moments are ones that you'll never forget. I hope you can look back and see these images for years and years, and treasure the commitments that you made and your new life together that began on that day.

Check back on the blog later this week for Part 2 of Sarah & Ellis' wedding day! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Liddy Costen: Newborn

Remember this family of 3? late June, a sweet baby girl joined the family! Mom and Dad have been swept off their feet once again...and although Olson isn't quite sure about his sister Liddy Costen, I'm sure he'll adjust to her presence eventually. :) He is still as cute as can be, as you'll see from some of the pictures! Liddy Costen was about a week and a half old when we held this session in the comfort of their home. I can't wait to continue documenting her first little bit of life over the next year. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Brown Family

Meet my cousin David, his wife Sarah, and their 3 children - Garrett, Keller, and Emma Kate! I stopped in Rock Hill when I was driving back to Raleigh after one of my summer trips, and had the chance to take some pictures of their family. Even though the temps were high, they had picked a park in town that had a lot of shade. It was a blessing!