Sunday, June 3, 2012

Liz & Jeff: Maternity

Growing up down the street from each other, it only took really cool bike helmets and jumping the awesome driveway curbs to begin our friendship. I always say that I don't remember much about growing up and that I have a terrible memory already (and it's true!), but I do remember a few very specific things about spending time with Liz "back in the day," if you will. :)

-A pink Barbie CORVETTE. At least we rode in style back then. I'm rocking the Camry these days.
-Going swimming at Memaw's and then coming inside to eat Oreo's and watch TV. I think your blonde hair may have had a tint of green from the constant chlorine? Just maybe.
-Our neighbor, Jerry. Whatever you do, don't let the ball go in his yard!
-DANCE. Self-explained.
-Beaching it at your Dad's place at Wrightsville. The porch comes to mind - not sure if we spent a lot of time out there or what, but it's in my memory.

And then she grew up, got married to an awesome guy named Jeff, and had a baby! Precious Connor was born just about a week ago. Here are some maternity shots that we fit in a few weeks before she went into labor! (Getting kicked out of our first location just reminded me of the adventures we had earlier in life.) Love you, Liz! I hope these pictures will help you to remember the miracle of life that grew inside of you for 9 months.

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