Saturday, June 9, 2012

the Proffitt's

As we sat in our cars, side-by-side, watching the sunshine as it seemed to be breaking through the clouds, but the rain still hitting our windshields, I was wondering if this session would ever happen! After re-scheduling several times, we decided to fight against the weather ourselves and make it work! So we waited. And I'm so glad we did. The clouds parted even more and the rain stopped, which allowed for some amazing family pictures.

Andrea is one of my closest friends at work, and you can read more about that on this post from about a year ago! Jace was six weeks old during the last session that we did. He and Saniah have both grown up so much! Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful family.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cora's 5th Birthday!

If you know me, you know I'm just not a DIY person. After working with children all day, I lack the amount of patience needed for DIY projects. I will pay someone a thousand times over to make something for me before I attempt to do it myself. Maybe one day I'll change??

So. DIY people impress me. And this birthday party is IMPRESSIVE. Becky is so, so creative and just made the most beautiful things for Cora's "princess tea party" birthday celebration! From the birthday girl's dress, to the food (most of it!), to the decorations, to the gift bags for the guests, she did it! And it all turned out just perfectly. 

Becky - you've outdone yourself. I can't even imagine what will come in future years for your girls! 

Meet the birthday girl, herself...sweet Cora! 

Who says princesses can't slide???

Liz & Jeff: Maternity

Growing up down the street from each other, it only took really cool bike helmets and jumping the awesome driveway curbs to begin our friendship. I always say that I don't remember much about growing up and that I have a terrible memory already (and it's true!), but I do remember a few very specific things about spending time with Liz "back in the day," if you will. :)

-A pink Barbie CORVETTE. At least we rode in style back then. I'm rocking the Camry these days.
-Going swimming at Memaw's and then coming inside to eat Oreo's and watch TV. I think your blonde hair may have had a tint of green from the constant chlorine? Just maybe.
-Our neighbor, Jerry. Whatever you do, don't let the ball go in his yard!
-DANCE. Self-explained.
-Beaching it at your Dad's place at Wrightsville. The porch comes to mind - not sure if we spent a lot of time out there or what, but it's in my memory.

And then she grew up, got married to an awesome guy named Jeff, and had a baby! Precious Connor was born just about a week ago. Here are some maternity shots that we fit in a few weeks before she went into labor! (Getting kicked out of our first location just reminded me of the adventures we had earlier in life.) Love you, Liz! I hope these pictures will help you to remember the miracle of life that grew inside of you for 9 months.