Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dancing in the dunes.

remember levi? well, these days he's loving BOATS and may or may not think that a surfboard is a boat, but whatever works, right? on our way out to the beach, annie kept mentioning that we were going to go "dancing in the dunes" and in his sweet little innocent voice, he would repeat each word over and over again. i loved every minute of it.

here are his 2-year pictures, along with some maternity/family pictures including annie & brandon. they have since given birth to a beautiful little girl named olivia ann and i'm dying to meet her and get to capture her in that precious newborn stage of life. coming soon, hopefully! :) but for now, enjoy these pictures we took around the wrightsville beach area, as well as out on the beach.

cutest kid.

it is unbelievable how much laughter comes out of this family. the best.

levi, looking at all the boats on the water!

what a sweet momma/son moment...

dancing in the dunes. :)

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Leah Katharyn said...

k, i dont know this family, except from your blog & it is precious to see this cutie grow! fun!!!