Tuesday, July 19, 2011

time flies.

well, well, well. wouldn't you know that summertime would just FLY. yesterday began my 6th week of summer vacation...and i have 4 weeks left. you know what that means. i'm over half way through. where does the time go!?

i have so enjoyed time at the beach, the lake, raleigh, wilmington, etc. and i have been fairly busy with photography sessions in between as well. it always brings me so much joy to charge my camera batteries, plug in an empty memory card, and head towards a location where i get to stop the hands of time for just a few moments. i love taking pictures of people that love being with each other!

here's a brief preview of what will be hitting the blog over the next couple of weeks. get ready!!

kristen & justin's engagement session:
airlie's (almost) 3 months session:
the adam's family/maternity session:

and i am so, so, so excited to tell you that i'll be venturing out west to the denver, co and phoenix, az areas in august. to say that i'm stoked about getting pictures of red rocks, the rocky mountains, and other beauties that God has created would be an understatement. i'll update from the road! promise.

enjoy these last few weeks of summer! :)

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