Monday, June 13, 2011


so today i officially completed my third year of teaching. the students' last day was on friday and after cleaning up and turning in my keys today, i can say that i am finished. i know the summer will fly by, as it always does, but right now in this moment it feels like i have forever to sleep in, hang out with friends and family, actually have time to focus on photography, and enjoy time off. it's a weird feeling. i don't know if i'll ever get used to working 10 months and having a random 2 months off. don't get me wrong - i'm thankful for it! but it's just weird going from working 8-5 and then...nothing. so we'll see how i end up filling my time over the next 8 weeks.

with a wedding on the 25th of this month and several family portrait sessions scheduled for july and august, i won't leave you guys hanging here on the blog! there should be plenty of updates actually posted in a timely manner since i will have plenty of time on my hands. :)

as much as i will miss these guys and have been blessed by each one of them this past year...
i am looking forward to spending lots of time with family and friends!
(this is what happens when your family knows that you're a photographer and have that "perfect" picture in your mind...)

happy SUMMER! :) :) :)

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