Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a whirlwind of a weekend.

there are several ways that i know it's springtime each year. one is the warmer weather! second is that my car turns yellow. third is my watery, itchy eyes. and fourth is photography! after 2-3 months of yucky, cold, snowy, winter's about time that i can drive to one photo session after another with my windows down and music blaring. i had a slow winter (photography wise), but the joy of shooting people and families (with my camera, of course!) has come around once again and brightened up my life!

this past weekend was a whirlwind. and i use that word figuratively and literally! in almost every session we fought against the wind! but the beautiful weather outplayed the wind...and won. :) 

i have some serious editing to do over the next couple of weeks, but i wanted to share with you one image from each session just to hold you over. 

on friday night, i completed my first attempt with fashion photography. i have a good friend that is in the beginning stages of entering into the world of fashion design, so we're trying to start building her portfolio. 


on saturday morning, i laughed so much and enjoyed my time with Aubrey shooting some headshots for her theater portfolio. she's probably going to be famous one day. watch out, broadway! 


on saturday afternoon, i met up with the Proffitt's for a quick family session down at fletcher park. Saniah loved showing off and loving on her new 7 week old brother Jace. 


on sunday afternoon, i got to shoot a maternity session for two of my best friends from college. not to mention they were the first couple that i shot engagement pictures for about 3 years ago. 


more details and of course more pictures when i blog about each individual session in the coming weeks! 

happy wednesday! 


Seth & Jill said... my dad likes the car in the first picture..and wants to know where it is..bahaha.

Anonymous said...

love love love this post... and love love love seth & jill's comment. bahahhaha