Monday, November 15, 2010

wrapping things up...a little update.

it's so hard to believe that the year 2010 is almost over. in about a month and a half we'll be walking into the year 2011. when i read that, it sounds like we're living in some futuristic time that people used to make movies about. TWENTY ELEVEN. where did the time go?

it's been a busy year for furnished photography, but things are going to wrap up in the next couple of weeks. i have my last (very exciting!) wedding of 2010 this Saturday and one more family session in the beginning of december. i'm hopeful to finish up all editing by december 22...when i leave for TURKEY. 

not the city of turkey, nc. but THE COUNTRY. you better believe that i am dying to be in the middle of the bosphorus strait taking pictures of asia and europe at the same time. one of my best friends from college is living in turkey. five of us, all friends from nc state, will be spending christmas together overseas. then we'll fly over to madrid for 4 nights and eventually back to the states. the travel bug that's been crawling inside of me for the past year is about to be satisfied with a trip to the east. i can't wait.

upon returning, i'll take most of january and february to close out all of the business to-do's for 2010 and begin brand new spreadsheets, planning, and scheduling for 2011. i find myself longing for a break when i can spend a good amount of time giving vision and thinking details for where this company will eventually go. it will be good to begin a brand new year of photography. i have a love/hate relationship with the unknowns of being one of them. :)  i don't like not knowing what will happen, but i absolutely love seeing how it all comes together. 

in case any of you are still wondering, yes, i am still a teacher. i spend most of my time with 23 5th graders learning how to round decimals, label cloud types, and use context clues while reading. and i still love it. it is where i am for now. and most likely where i'll be for at least the next year and a half. after that, who knows. that's where the love/hate relationship towards the unknowns of life comes in. but to be honest, i'm really excited about having some freedom to decide what i'll be doing and where i'll be. 

anyway, i hope this serves as somewhat of an update on my life. i am so thankful for each of you that have supported me and encouraged me as i've continued with this whole doing photography on the side thing for a long while. and thank you to all of my clients that trust me to capture their wedding or family or life circumstance at the time. i get to work with the best people ever. and speaking of the best people ever, i have 3 families that i'll be blogging THIS WEEK. keep checking back for updates!

oh, and by the way, i won a goldfish at the state fair. but she died in less than 24 hours. RIP coral. 



Andrea & Marty said...

I am jealous of your trip! It sounds like an absolute blast! I send my condolences about Coral. My best friend won a goldfish at the State Fair a year and a half ago. Smalls is now very big. I call him Biggie Smalls. He's a survivor!

Katherine. said...

ahh that's awesome! i can't believe that. i obviously need some work on being a pet owner. one day...

Jules said...

I cannot wait to take you on a boat ride to the middle of the Bosphorus!! 36 days Katherine :)