Wednesday, March 17, 2010

living life by the grace of God alone.

it has taken me a while to write this post. i'm not sure if i just don't know what to say or if it's just so close to my heart, or what, but i've just struggled. i will preface what i'm about to say by telling you that the story you are about to hear has only been lived out by the grace of God. and the life of this couple for the past few months has brought about many emotions, highs and lows, for the both of them, as well as for their family and friends.

i know chris and marie from my time at nc state as well as from being part of the same church. i'll never forget when marie and i and some other girls drove 14 hours to florida for spring break one year. we had a blast. and i'll never forget pretty much everything that chris says and does. he is hilarious. these two are the most loving, genuine couple that i think i've ever met before. they are welcoming and full of joy all the time. it has been a gift to know them.

they got married in march of 2007 and then found out they were pregnant with their first child last fall. oh, the excitement of them both that they would be blessed with a little one very soon! at their doctor's appointment in january, they found out that they were going to have a little girl. but they also found out that there were some things looking a little bit different than usual on the ultrasound. there was fluid in her body and the chances of her making it were slim. if she did make it full term, she would be born with turner's syndrome. marie went back for weekly visits to the doctor and they were blessed to hear her heartbeat several times in the following weeks through the ultrasounds.

in the midst of all the news and the reality of what was taking place, sweet chris and marie asked if i would be willing to take some maternity pictures of them with hannah. of course i felt privileged to do so. we went out to yates mill park and had such a joyful time together celebrating hannah's life that God was blessing them with for the time.

a couple of weeks later, hannah went to be with Jesus. and although the loss is tremendous for chris and marie, God's love and grace has completely overwhelmed them during this time. i wish you could read each and every "update" email that came from marie as they trusted God and consistently spoke of his goodness and love and peace that came only from Him. but you can know that they are faithfully following God's perfect plan for their lives and their family.

and so now i introduce you to marie and chris and their precious little girl - hannah marie:

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