Monday, February 1, 2010

spring, anyone?

well. raleigh has been covered in snow since friday evening. it melts, it freezes, it melts, it freezes. i haven't left my house since friday when i got home from work, except to go out for a bit to attempt to sled without a legit sled. so that didn't work very well anyway. so the cabin fever that has been slowly creeping up into my life has officially given me a serious longing for SPRING TIME. goodness. i loved the snow, but i am ready for it to be gone. go on your way, snow, and don't come back for a while. my heart is eager for warmer temperatures, budding flowers, bright colors found in nature, and windows down in the car. after postponing 2 photo shoots this weekend due to the snow, i've found myself in my spare time looking back through pictures that have some green and blue skies, and no snow. oh, and i have an engagement shoot coming up on thursday, so i'm wayyyyy looking forward to that. can't wait to share some of those with you. thanks for reading, and for the teachers out there - enjoy this snowday! :)

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