Friday, February 12, 2010

ashley and john: engaged!

finished up with some engagement shots this week. these two will be getting married in july! ashley and john: i wish you both the best in the next few months and in your marriage as you begin your new life together very soon!

they brought their sweet pup harlow along for a few pictures!

oh how i wish you each could have seen john's (obvious) excitement about the "kissy" wolfpack pic!

how much more beautiful does it get?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

ashley&john: sneak peek!

last week i had the privilege of shooting some engagements for ashley and john. they are the sweetest couple. we started out at pullen park and then headed to campus for a few more before we concluded the session. i will say that i fell for the first time during a shoot. it may or may not have been hilarious. i'll blame it on the ice/snow that was still on the ground, but i'm not really sure if that's a valid excuse or not. don't worry, i landed holding my camera about 2 feet above my head and we joked about how i protected my baby before myself! it's true. anyway, here's a little preview of our time together. more to come later in the week!

happy super bowl tonight!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and the winner is...

the FREE $50 iTunes giftcard goes to...(you'll have to watch the video to find out!)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and THANK YOU to each of you who participated. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

february goals & iTunes giveaway!!

to my faithful readers,

i finally made it out of the house today. went to the gym and to chick-fil-a with my roommate cindy. i felt like i was free after being trapped in this house for 3 days. as i sit here on this snow day and watch the ellen show, i decided it would be productive to make some goals for february and also fun to give a little something away to one of you! after all, i am thankful for your readership and support!

so here are my february goals:

-book a wedding for this summer.
-get caught up on finances for january, so that i don't get so behind on 2010 stuff.
-start using my iTouch more to take pictures on a whim.
-post at least 1 video from my flip camera that i got for christmas.
-give away my photography by shooting at 2 "daddy/daughter date nights" at chick-fil-a.
-learn more about shooting in RAW.

and for the giveaway! (how many of you just skipped reading my goals and scrolled straight to the giveaway??? i know who you are.) i am going to give away a FREE $50 iTunes giftcard to one of you. here's what you have to do to qualify for the giveaway:

1. become a follower of this blog. this is easy. just click on "follow" on the right column of the blog. this will keep you informed for any posts that i put up!

2. leave a comment on this post with ONE goal that you have for february.
it can be anything, as long as it is a goal for you! maybe i can help hold you accountable to reaching it! :)

3. become a fan of "furnished photography" on facebook.
if you aren't on facebook yet, maybe it's just time for you to join! you can search for furnished photography in the search box at the top right of your facebook page.

4. tell one person about furnished photography!
this part of the qualifications will have to work by the honor system. i trust you guys.

even if you're already following the blog or following on facebook, you may still fulfill the other requirements and be a part of the contest!

you may enter this contest anytime between now and 9pm on wednesday, february 3, 2010. i'll put all the names that have qualified into a bowl on that night and draw for a winner. i'll announce the winner sometime that night by posting a video of the drawing. the winner will be responsible for emailing me their information so that i can send them their FREE $50 iTunes giftcard!

go comment, go follow, go tell! :)
talk to you on wednesday.

spring, anyone?

well. raleigh has been covered in snow since friday evening. it melts, it freezes, it melts, it freezes. i haven't left my house since friday when i got home from work, except to go out for a bit to attempt to sled without a legit sled. so that didn't work very well anyway. so the cabin fever that has been slowly creeping up into my life has officially given me a serious longing for SPRING TIME. goodness. i loved the snow, but i am ready for it to be gone. go on your way, snow, and don't come back for a while. my heart is eager for warmer temperatures, budding flowers, bright colors found in nature, and windows down in the car. after postponing 2 photo shoots this weekend due to the snow, i've found myself in my spare time looking back through pictures that have some green and blue skies, and no snow. oh, and i have an engagement shoot coming up on thursday, so i'm wayyyyy looking forward to that. can't wait to share some of those with you. thanks for reading, and for the teachers out there - enjoy this snowday! :)