Sunday, January 17, 2010

kelly and jeremy: engaged!

kelly and jeremy got engaged right after christmas and we quickly did some engagements since jeremy was heading back to texas to finish his training with the airforce. we didn't know when he would be able to make it back to nc. kelly and jeremy met at nc state and they have a fun little story. i asked kelly's permission to use the "how we met" portion from their wedding website.

"I was on my way to meet my bible study leader on campus. I parked my car in front of Reynolds Coliseum and noticed this guy looking at me. Since my older brother went to NC State, I thought it was one of his friends that I did not remember meeting. I smiled just in case. I continued to walk to Tally Student Center and found Mikel Bass sitting outside. Then the same guy who looked at me like he knew who I was sat 2 tables away. He got up to get some napkins inside. I quickly asked Mikel if she knew who he was. She said no about the same time he came back outside. We locked eyes and I thought he caught us talking about him. Embarrassed/flirting I smiled really big at him and continued to talk to Mikel. He then finished and came up to my table and said, "Excuse me ladies, I don't mean to interrupt, but you smiled at me and I was like whoa and I think you're incredibly attractive and I just wanted to throw that out there... K well, Have a good day." I laughed and said thank you. Being extremely flattered, it was difficult to finish my meeting with Mikel. After our meeting, I walked back to my car and thought I had a ticket for the meeter going over but it was a note that read - "This is probably the most random thing I have ever done in my life, BUT I would love the opportunity to hang out and get to know you sometime. Call Me. -Jeremy Smallwood" Needlessly to say I am thankful he left that note! The rest is history."

Meet Kelly & Jeremy:


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Again Katherine! Outstanding!

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these are awesome!