Sunday, December 13, 2009

the Scillitani family.

if you follow my blog at all, then you've definitely heard about some of my ups and downs, highs and lows of photography. so i'll share this little story with you just to be a bit vulnerable with you. (if you don't want to know about my life, then feel free to skip the next paragraph.)

i'm sure you've noticed, but i've been experimenting a bit with some "collage" posts instead of just posting one picture after another. so first of all, i don't know how to do these in photoshop (and haven't asked anyone to help me), so i use illustrator instead. once i've completed it in illustrator, i copy/paste it into photoshop so that i can save it as a jpeg. after that, i upload it to a photography site and use the link to actually make it show up on this site. well...after completing this particular collage twice due to technical difficulties (and my computer not having enough RAM to allow me to have 2 large programs running at once), i was so happy that i was done, so i uploaded it to the site that i use. then i realized that the site only allows for the pictures to be a certain length. and this document was long. so although it is still long, it is not wide because the site automatically shortened it. i would do it all over and load it differently, but i'm tired...and my eyes hurt. welcome to my life.

and with no further ado, i introduce you to the scillitani's. crystal was one of my professor's during my time in the elementary program at nc state and we have kept in touch ever since thanks to facebook. :) we shot at pullen park and had a great time together!


Lauren McKay said...

Hi Katherine! This may be helpful for you:

After seeing your post about doing collages in Photoshop, I got curious about the best way to do them. T

his is how I've done it in the past: I set the image width to what I want it to be. Then, I add a white stroke (under Edit) around each image, at 5 pixels wide. From there, I move and re-size (free transform) them until they fit nicely.

Hope that helps!

Katherine. said...

hey lauren - thanks so much for the info! i'll definitely try that. :) i'm always trying to figure out something on photoshop. so thankful for youtube tutorials and whatnot! talk to you soon. -kf.