Wednesday, December 23, 2009

does it get any cuter than this?

you may remember the maternity shot that i posted back in august. looking back, i probably should have posted more than just one, but hey, you live and you learn. anyway, annie and brandon welcomed their sweet little boy into this world in september. levi is three months old and has the cutest little personality already. i love it! i'm hoping to get him in front of my lens some more over the next year, and i can't wait to see how he changes and grows.

when i went to annie's to shoot, i grabbed this rocker out of she and brandon's bedroom to take outside to use. come to find out, it was given to her by her mom who bought it years i tokened it our heirloom for the shoot, although it probably shouldn't be considered that already. :) maybe one day though, right?

enough from me. meet levi:


Anonymous said...

Katherine- I LOVE these!!! So cute! If you are in the Southport/Wilmington area in the next few months let me know- we may have you take some pics of Zeke for us! You do such a great job!

yayasmama said...!!!! what awesome pics of such a beautiful baby boy!!!! You are so talented and we love baby LEEEEE-Vi (as eliza calls him!!)