Thursday, December 31, 2009

'09 reflections.

i think i can confidently say that 5 years ago i would have never ever guessed that i would be a photographer. and now i can't watch sports on tv or go to a friend's wedding without my eyes focusing in on the lenses being used on the cameras snapping away. when i wake up and look out the window, or as i drive to work, my thoughts go straight to what kind of lighting the sun/clouds are providing for the day. i spend time reading camera reviews, lens specs, and other photography blogs, just trying to fill my brain with everything i just might need to know in that one moment during a shoot. i leave the house with no plans and end up in a field on the side of the road just shooting at old buildings and old cars. in the past 5 years, my life has changed.

and when i think about how to describe and reflect on simply this past year, two thousand and nine, there are 2 words that come to mind. the first word is learn. and the second is practice. sometimes i learn something from someone else or from reading and then i go and practice. and lots of other times i practice and then i learn something. and so the most appropriate way for me to reflect on this year, is to share with you what i consider to be the top 5 things that i have learned.

i've learned...

5. that truly the best way to learn is to stop reading, watching, listening...and to practice on your own.

4. (very quickly) that i am awful with finances. i don't understand spreadsheets, taxes, etc. and i desperately need other people to help me with these things. i also never remember to keep up with all that i'm supposed to keep up with. mileage, bank statements, invoices, etc. that stuff is just not for me. but i'm practicing. :)

3. the uncontainable joy that comes from shooting a family with young children. i love that they are so unpredictable. and i love that one child can show so many different expressions on their face. it is precious.

2. that the best learning comes from failure. i think i have experienced this with teaching, but it became even more real with photography. there have been plenty of times that i've been in the middle of a shoot, driven home from a shoot, laid in bed at night, edited images, and felt like i've failed. and yet in these moments, i can identify what needs to change. and it is after many failures in which success follows.

1. to be so, so grateful for the people in my life that are constantly telling me to keep going hard after photography. your encouragement is what keeps me going. thank you so much.

goodbye 2009. i'll miss all 8,760 hours of you.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

making progress.

the break from school has truly given me time to make some progress with photography. from finances, to business cards, to editing, to designing...i've had time to do it all. and i am so thankful for the time and for the result of feeling productive!

tomorrow i'll be posting some of my reflections on this year and then my 2010 goals on friday. stop by when you get a chance!

and just because i feel even more productive when i post pictures on the blog, here's a picture of michelle's gorgeous bouquet! i loved the red roses.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

does it get any cuter than this?

you may remember the maternity shot that i posted back in august. looking back, i probably should have posted more than just one, but hey, you live and you learn. anyway, annie and brandon welcomed their sweet little boy into this world in september. levi is three months old and has the cutest little personality already. i love it! i'm hoping to get him in front of my lens some more over the next year, and i can't wait to see how he changes and grows.

when i went to annie's to shoot, i grabbed this rocker out of she and brandon's bedroom to take outside to use. come to find out, it was given to her by her mom who bought it years i tokened it our heirloom for the shoot, although it probably shouldn't be considered that already. :) maybe one day though, right?

enough from me. meet levi:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

katherine & grace.

katherine and i have known each other for almost 6 years and she has been one of my roommates for at least half of that time. :) i knew i could talk her into going to a new location that i put my eyes on about 2 months ago. i was in love with what i saw, and am so glad that she and grace were willing to go with my idea to shoot there. these girls are hoping to surprise their parents with a portrait for christmas! we had so much fun during the shoot. enjoy the results...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter "break"

i am so thankful for the 2 weeks that i have off from school. i love my kids, but i think we were all ready for a break from miss fallis' classroom. mom and i are actually heading to raleigh tomorrow for the day because i have a workday, but that'll be the last of school for me over the break.

and although i'm on a school break, photography is still going strong. i have some fun things that i'm working on, and i just wanted to give you a little preview. hopefully i'll be ready to do a full post of each of these sessions by the end of my "break." :)

sister shoot:

greg & michelle's wedding:

the bass girls.

a few weeks ago, mikel and i ventured out to try and get some pictures of the girls for a christmas card shot. we went down to the park by their house because i thought madi would be the most comfortable there, and we were pretty short on time. although it was pretty cold out, we ended up with some precious pictures of madi and ash. here's a little clip of what we got...enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the Scillitani family.

if you follow my blog at all, then you've definitely heard about some of my ups and downs, highs and lows of photography. so i'll share this little story with you just to be a bit vulnerable with you. (if you don't want to know about my life, then feel free to skip the next paragraph.)

i'm sure you've noticed, but i've been experimenting a bit with some "collage" posts instead of just posting one picture after another. so first of all, i don't know how to do these in photoshop (and haven't asked anyone to help me), so i use illustrator instead. once i've completed it in illustrator, i copy/paste it into photoshop so that i can save it as a jpeg. after that, i upload it to a photography site and use the link to actually make it show up on this site. well...after completing this particular collage twice due to technical difficulties (and my computer not having enough RAM to allow me to have 2 large programs running at once), i was so happy that i was done, so i uploaded it to the site that i use. then i realized that the site only allows for the pictures to be a certain length. and this document was long. so although it is still long, it is not wide because the site automatically shortened it. i would do it all over and load it differently, but i'm tired...and my eyes hurt. welcome to my life.

and with no further ado, i introduce you to the scillitani's. crystal was one of my professor's during my time in the elementary program at nc state and we have kept in touch ever since thanks to facebook. :) we shot at pullen park and had a great time together!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

on the incarnation (preview)

the church that i attend, providence baptist here in raleigh, is putting on a christmas show this weekend. i've had the privilege of photographing the rehearsals this week, so i wanted to give you a little preview of what you will get to see if you decide to go! (which you should.) the show is called "on the incarnation" and will be shown friday-sunday at 7pm with an additional show at 2:30pm on sunday. if you like what you see, you'll definitely like what you hear when you go. :)

visit for more info about the show.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the miley family.

i met this sweet, sweet family down at wrightsville beach when i was home a couple of weeks ago for thanksgiving. i grew up with the miley's at first baptist in wilmington - and have been friends with derek (one of their sons) since i can remember. it was quite a windy day at the south end, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!

disclaimer: i'm not usually a huge fan of only posting black & white images, but for some reason, i just loved how these turned out. maybe it was their clothing that just matched it so well, but i loved it - so this is what i decided to post. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a joint effort.

oh how i wish you could have seen two of my roommates trying to coordinate these two in the freezing cold and wet weather this weekend...along with myself just snapping away from behind the camera. it was hilarious and i bet it would have made your day. meet cindy's (one of my roommates) niece and nephew - aren't they amazing? trinity and trevor sure were troopers and acted like it was a perfect fall day for some brother/sister portraits. when trevor started rocking that leather jacket i almost lost it. so, so, so cute.

i've got two other families that i'm working on right now and can't wait to share with you. as well as two more shoots coming up this weekend. :)