Wednesday, November 11, 2009


so today i've had a break from school. a wednesday off. and for 90% of the time i've been working on photography things. these things are things that i've needed to do for a long time concerning photography:

-finish editing from shoots that i've done over the past month.
-teach myself more about photoshop, including how to watermark my images.
-catch up on finances for the company.
-spend time thinking about and creating what is to come next with furnished.

those of you who know me know that i will try to do something for hours before i ask someone to help me. it's just me. i like being able to do things. and usually when it takes me hours, i figure out lots of other cool things along the way that i probably wouldn't have learned if someone had walked me through it step my step. and so it has been with photography. teaching myself. and i like it. but i'm beginning to think that maybe i should be more efficient with my time. it's just a thought. we'll see what happens.

here's a little evidence of one of the things i completed today...

stay tuned for some fun things to come in the next couple of months!


Melissa said...

love the picture and the watermark!!

Katie Carruth said...

good job creating your own watermark! i love it! :)