Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what's in the name?

come alongside of me as i take you through the process of choosing the name of this company. have you ever thought about the pressure of something so permanent? i mean, i guess it doesn't have to stay the same forever, but at least for a while! it has to be something that you can look at and hear out loud over and over again and never get tired of it. i don't know about you, but i found that to be rather difficult.

i knew i liked the sound of alliteration in the name, but i didn't want to use a "ph" word. and i didn't want a camera-like word. no offense to any photography company that uses capture or other similar words in their name, but that's just not me. i wanted it to be different. so i began to think of "f" words that i actually liked. (let's keep it appropriate here.) really the ONLY word i could think of that i liked the sound of and the look of was furnish. everytime i tried to think of another word, i always came back to this one word.

so i figured there probably needed to be some kind of reasoning behind why my company had that word in the title, right? so i began to read up a little bit on the word. the definition that i found said:

  • fur·nish - to provide; to equip with what is needed; to supply; to give.
coincidental that i would have the same thoughts about what i'd like to do as a photographer? i think not. my goal is, that as your photographer, i will provide you with exactly what you've envisioned and more. i want to give of my time and energy in order to supply you with images that you won't want to put down.

so when you walk away from my camera, i hope you leave feeling furnished.

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Love the new blog kfal! Shannon did such a great job!