Thursday, September 10, 2009

alison and shaun: married!

alison and shaun decided to see each other before the ceremony so that we would have plenty of time to take pictures and so that there wouldn't be a huge gap of time between the ceremony and when they arrived at the reception. this made for some fun pictures of them seeing each other for the first time before we really began shooting. i think she's pretty excited, don't you??

i want to take time to say that alison was my bible study leader through campus crusade during my senior year at nc state. our group had the opportunity to kind of watch alison and shaun fall for each other, wait on the Lord, and eventually see them get married in august. it was such an honor to be able to photograph their wedding. doesn't she look beautiful? it was an awesome day.

shaun and his 2 sons - and their "game face!"

here we go!

seconds after the recessional:

before you look at these pictures from the reception, just know that alison LOVES dancing!

congratulations shaun and alison!!!!


Katie at said...

these are such great pictures! you did such a great job of capturing their day!

caitlin said...

katherine- these are AMAZING!! i love love it and your work has grown so much and if it is possible for a little baby sister to be proud, i am!