Monday, August 3, 2009

sweet annie AND an announcement.

annie, a good friend from home, and her husband brandon agreed to a maternity shoot at wrightsville beach a couple of weeks ago. i'm trying to build my portfolio and was desperate for some preggo shots. they were the perfect pair for what i wanted in the shoot and i couldn't be more excited about how they are turning out! thanks annie and brandon! :)

and before i go, i know, my blogging has been awful. i apologize. i've been shooting a lot, and editing a lot, which leaves only a little bit of time for my blog. i don't mean to neglect it, but i think that since i'm working on a new blogsite that will make its debut in september (YAY!), i haven't been as into this one as i probably should be.

SOOOOO...for those of you that are blog readers and love looking at photographers' sites, i need your help! leave a comment, with the URL to a site that you enjoy looking at and what you like about it. it'll help as i continue to create what i hope to be a great way for you to keep up with my photography online. don't be shy! let me know your thoughts.


roomies said... i love her site because it's clean and straightforward, and I can always find the newest post. plus she's amazing. :) that is my 2 cents.

Katie Carruth said...

yay for a new blog! :)

i like it b/c the pictures at the top change each time you open the site, and i love the slideshows she does, and the amount of pics she puts in each post.

Georgina said...

I love how the pictures of Scarlett at the top change with each visit to her site, it really shows her personality. I also love the simple background, helps with loading pictures quicker. AND I love the big pictures.