Thursday, August 27, 2009

the photographer

i remember my first nikon coolpix camera. i knew i liked it, but i don't think i knew where it would lead me in the future. my name is katherine fallis and i'm a photographer. here are some things about me:

  • i desire to serve God in all that i do. 
  • i am passionate about people.
  • i see things in angles and lines.
  • i am simple.
  • i wear rainbow sandals almost everyday.
  • i like to make people laugh.
  • i enjoy taking pictures.
  • i choose to read non-fiction before fiction.
  • i think very realistically, but am learning how to cast vision.
  • i want to be more of a risk-taker.
  • i am thankful for life.

about five years ago i found myself in a place of decision. i had recently shot some engagement pictures for a friend of mine and felt a passion for photography within. could i do this more often? with encouragement from friends and family (and a lot of other things coming together), i began this business - furnished photography. thank you to all of you who have boosted my confidence, listened to my frustrations, taught me about post-processing, answered photography questions through email, helped me to gain somewhat of a business mind-set, let me take pictures of you just for fun, and so much more. none of this could have ever happened without your help. and i mean that. i appreciate each and every one of you.

take care.


malloryhatcher said...

Congrats!!! I am so proud of you for starting Furnished Photography (& am loving the name!). I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I hear needing photog services ;)

Claire Butler said...

Katherine, WOW! I love your work and your blog page is amazing! I wish you all the best in your photography career!