Monday, February 23, 2009

leah's getting married!

a couple of weeks ago, we had a bridal shower for leah horton at providence! we had a great time celebrating the future marriage of she and like 6 weeks!? crazy. and hopefully they received some sweet gifts to go all around their house one day.

during the shower, each table worked on a scrapbook page for leah, since she loves scrapbooking and is so, so dedicated to it. some groups decided to be serious with their scrapbooking, some were very creative, and others were hilarious. jessica ward's group cut out a picture of a bride and groom from a magazine and then put leah and todd's heads on the people. it was ridiculous.

here are some of leah's bridesmaids that were able to make it to the shower! :)

we love you leah!