Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a white january day

it's been a snowy couple of days in raleigh!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

family time.

some pictures of the sweet mehaffie family. :)

thanks for letting me take some shots of your beautiful family!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

LIFETIME reunion!!!

i've been living in the house that i live in now for 3 years. the first year that i lived there, i lived with 4 other girls -- julianna, elizabeth, megan, and brittany -- and the name of our house was "the lifetime house" only because jules and megs LOVED lifetime movies. the rest of us thought it was pathetic, BUT the name stuck. so then we became the lifetime girls. lots has changed since that year, but we try to get together as often as we can. we had a reunion this past megan and brittany came into town for a surprise going away party that we threw for jules.

current updates on the lifetime girls:

elizabeth -- got home in Nov. from a 14 month stint in argentina. starting grad. school at ECU on january 9th to get her masters in speech pathology. (she's the smart one among all of us)
megan -- got engaged and will be getting married in june. lives in cali with her fun fiance Scott, but we're hoping they will move back here soon. :) :) :)
brittany -- had a baby in november! owen speirs is so precious. she and craig and owen are currently living in greensboro and working with a church plant in winston salem.
jules -- is leaving jan. 8th to spend 2 years in central asia teaching 3rd grade. a sad/exciting time for us and her as she trusts the Lord through it all.
me -- well i'm teaching 5th grade in garner, nc and am loving it. i'm also trying to get my photography business going...but it's taking a while! (website in the works.)

we always have a photo shoot when all 5 of us are together, so here are some current shots. and we thank scott, a lot, for being an awesome photographer!

my 5th (and probably last?) winter conference.

jules and elizabeth and i headed to greensboro on the 31st to celebrate new year's eve at winter conference. jules wanted to spend some time with her good friend haley before she leaves so we tagged along with her. it was great to get to see some people that i don't get to see very often...including my roommate cindy...which doesn't make sense, but it's true. enjoy the pics! happy 2009. :)

jules danced so much that she tore the mess out of her foot. aka hilarious. (the cut was like a centimeter long once she washed her foot. marykaren, the nurse for the conference, came her her rescue immediately.)

what are your 2009 resolutions?

the best part of being a teacher is...

...the breaks! although i might refute this statement and fill in the blank differently on different days, i cannot explain how thankful i am for the 2 week break that i've had over christmas this year. it has been such a blessing to just be able to rest, and rest, and rest, and spend time with family and friends for the past couple of weeks. my parents and i left christmas day to travel to greenville, sc to see my dad's side of the family for a few days...then to charlotte for one night...and then on to mount airy, nc to see my mom's side of the family. we had a great time, but i was definitely ready to be home! most of y'all know how much i love sleeping in my own bed. :)

here are a few pics from all of the travel time:

my cousin garrett riding his new bike with his new monkey helmet! :)

garrett's sweet little brother keller! (the newest addition to our family)

my cousin jonathan gave his girlfriend, jessica, a ring on christmas eve and asked her to marry him! i had the chance to take a few engagement shots of them before they headed back to texas!