Wednesday, October 29, 2008

studying memoirs

For the past couple of weeks at school, the 5th graders have been studying memoirs. We have read tons of memoirs and are currently finishing up the writing of our own memoirs. We will have a Writing Celebration on Friday where the parents can come and read the students' memoirs and enjoy seeing what their children are doing at Creech Road. Lots of my kids have written about embarrassing moments and they are hilarious. Wouldn't it be appropriate for me to have a truly embarrassing moment in front of my kids during our memoir study? Yes. And it happened yesterday.

Lunch room. 1:40pm. Picking my kids up from lunch. Standing next to the Assistant Principal just having a nice friendly conversation. I proceed to tell my kids that it's time to clean up their lunches and head to the door to get in line. Latonya is the first to come throw her trash into the empty trashcan right beside me. Apparently she barely drank any of her when it hit the bottom of the trashcan at about 7 mph, it immediately EXPLODED up into the air and all over me. There I was, standing in front of all of my kids, with Chocolate Milk not only all over my clothes, but seriously dripping off of my face. (If you know me, you know I hate milk. I know, it strengthens muscles, but I can't help it.) The next thing I knew, Latonya was sprinting to the bathroom to get paper towels and we were soon soaking up all the milk. It gave us a good laugh for the day.

I guess I'll be writing a memoir today...about my most embarrassing moment at school. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

with this ring...

my favorite picture of catherine's ring. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

another trip to the Rose Garden

i also took some senior pictures of kelsey this week. she'll be graduating from trinity academy with the class of '09. we had a great time taking pictures at the rose garden! she's so photogenic so it made my job very easy. :)

kelsey, i'm editing the rest, so hopefully i'll have them to you soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my life is busy busy.

sorry it's been so long since i've posted. it's 10:19 right now and my eyes are close to shutting. life is busy, but it is good. i had the opportunity to go on providence's fall retreat this past weekend and it was so great just to be able to get away from school for a weekend and not really think about it at all. i still love it so much, but it does consume my thoughts most of the time. it's crazy. our theme for the weekend was "restored" and how God had the end in mind from the very beginning and is bringing restoration for his people when he returns again. it was a refreshing time of being consumed with Christ. so anyway, i've also been taking pictures a lot recently which is exciting. i got to shoot daniel barker and catherine wilson's engagement pictures a few days ago which was a lot of fun! we went to the arboretum which gave us lots of options for fun pictures. :) here's one until i have more time to put some on the blog. for now i am heading to bed so that i will be rested for another day with my lovely 5th graders. goodnight!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fall retreat

each year the providence college ministry puts on a fall retreat for any students who are interested in attending. it's always a great time of learning and fellowship. i've enjoyed going for the past couple of years. here's a video that was created to advertise for the weekend this year. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

just a taste!

i had so much fun hanging out with the wagner's at their home one night this week! here are just a few shots from our time together. more to come once i find some time to continue editing... :)

sweet family.


the wagner's (can't wait to meet canyon in november!)

isn't she precious?