Sunday, September 21, 2008

writing journals

Growing up, I always loved Math and Science. I can take a formula and plug in some numbers, but I always struggled with the whole, "be creative and use your imagination," request from teachers. Reading and Writing were two things that I had to really focus on if I wanted to succeed in those areas at all. Yes, I eventually grew to love reading because I realized that I could learn so many new things from other people through books. But writing continues to be less than enjoyable for me.

Over the past weeks of learning about my students and who they are and what they enjoy, I have noticed that about 4 of them love Math/Science and the rest love Reading/Writing. Although I'm sad that most of them don't enjoy what I like doing so much, I have been able to learn so much from their love for writing just in this short time. I want to share with you 2 different writings from their writing journals that I collect and read almost everyday. I've found that their entries can make me smile and laugh uncontrollably, but some also bring tears to my eyes and sadden my heart.

This was written after being told to do a free choice writing, meaning that they could choose the topic and style of writing. This entry is called: "Miss Fallis"

"Miss Fallis is my teacher for 5th grade. She is always cheerful and wears silver jewlry. She is skinny and has light colored skin. She has short, dark hair and bright colored eyes. When she rings the wand she always expects us to listen to the speaker. When we follow the rules she gives our team a stick. I love Miss Fallis!"

This entry was the result of the prompt, "Tell me about something that happened yesterday."

"I found out that my brother had a kidney tumor. When my mom got home, the first thing they did was cry in my dad's arms. Then, she came in my room and said, "Roman and I went to the hospital and they said that ROman has a kidney tumor." When she said that, my heart sank on top of my stomach and tears ran down my face like waterfalls. At that moment my dad came in and hugged me and said, 'We'll get through this.' I believed him."

Life is sweet.


Katie Carruth said...

oh my goodness, wow. what a ministry you have with those kids!

pfallis said...

You just don't realize it -- you are a writer!

roomies said...

yea the english major in me wishes you had been one too. thanks for sharing, friend- this is encouraging to hear!

Anonymous said...

well i may have been a little emotional today already, but that just tipped me over the edge...both of those entries made me cry...and like the first kid, i too think you have bright eyes! :)