Wednesday, September 3, 2008

this is my life...

...and i LOVE it.

of course i wanted to put a picture of every single one of my kids, but i decided that i would just pick one that depicted what i get to enjoy every weekday. meet johnny (code name). he loves to play sports, talk about sports, and only sports. but i finally figured out today that he enjoys math and is really good at it. i'm excited to see him excel in this area, and be pushed in other subjects. and i hope that whatever he's doing with his hands is not a gang sign of any sort.

i don't think that my first week and a half of teaching could have been any better. i absolutely love every minute that i'm with my kids. whether i'm ringing my wand (yes, i have a wand and it is amazing) or repeating the same instructions for the eleventh time or shooting half court shots during recess or teaching fractions or reading frindle aloud or making copies or eating lunch in 10 minutes or reading their writing journals late at night...i love it. i guess i thought that after a week or so i would maybe get tired of being there, but honestly, the kids make me want to be there. it's wonderful.

so here are the top 5 reasons i love 5th graders:

5. they don't take your word for it. you have to prove everything to them. including that their teacher played basketball in high school. or that i sometimes wear glasses.
4. they think it's the funniest thing EVER to call me katherine instead of miss fallis. (took care of that one REAL fast)
3. they taught me that 3 pillows, a bean bag, and a rocking chair are the greatest items ever invented.
2. they love to talk. and i love to listen.
1. they aren't scared to be themselves. (wait til they get to middle school...scary)

i'll try to keep you updated with some funny stories that come from my classroom. here's one for now: person # 1 sent a note to person #2 that said, "you're hot." person #2 wrote back and said, "me?" person #1 replied by saying, "yes. who do you like in class?" then i caught them and collected the note. the next day: person #1 wrote a note to person #2 with their phone number written on it. person #2 replied with their number. then i caught them again and had a little chat with both of them. :)

thanks for reading! happy wednesday!


Anonymous said...

katherine! that's sooooooo exciting!!!!! and who knew yuo were commercially photographing!!! come photograph me cuz i miss you :)

Lindsey said...

excellent start to my thursday morning...please keep the stories coming. ps. i wish i was in 5th grade you!

shellyeve said...

that's hilarious! i love that you get to read those notes! haha.

Melissa said...

LOVE this! Keep the stories coming!! :-) The only thing I can remember from 5th grade was having to wear a bra for the first time... wow...
<3 Melissa

roomies said...

this is amazing

Katie said...

Awww I love this! Makes me miss you and all our classes together.
You're becoming a Cleven: Wand and Frindle.
Those kids are blessed to have you!
-Katie Lynch