Wednesday, August 13, 2008

commercial photos

as some of you know, i took a job with a company out of cary, nc a couple of months ago to do some commercial photography for them. it has been quite an adventure since i had never done commercial shots before. after seeking out some advice and researching, researching, researching some of the best things to apply to such jobs, i went out to shoot some buildings! 

i should finish up within the next week or so with this project, which is good since i start a real job on friday! (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh) i'll be teaching 5th graders at creech road elementary in garner, nc and am SO SO SO excited about it. can't wait to post some pics of my precious kids.


PAyscue said...

You definitely have major photography skills!! Great pics and good luck at Creech Road this year. Terrific school!!

caitlin said...

ok cute but could you PLEASE put up the hilarious pictures from last weekend?! ok thanks bye.